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Customizable Vinyl Window Solutions Are Finally Here in
Multiple Colors and Woodgrain Finishes


RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is highly ultraviolet, pollution and salt-air resistant. This high-performance laminate retains its beauty throughout its service life. In addition, the film's low surface tension makes it inherently dirt-repellent and therefore easy to clean. Even graffiti can easily be removed with a special cleaner. The easy-to-clean effect of RENOLIT EXOFOL FX allows it to be used for new applications such as façades on high-rise buildings.  


Both stock and custom designs and colors are available:

  • The 3-layer construction, each engineered for maximum purpose, means RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is built to last. RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is proven in some of the world's toughest weathering sites with outstanding color and gloss retention.  

  • As a result of the excellent performance, RENOLIT EXOFOL FX now comes with a North American Warranty up to 20 years.


Core Colors

Exterior Foils

Core Color

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