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Santiam Series

Single Hung, Horizontal Slider & Picture Windows

The Santiam slider series window design is one of the most comprehensive hung-slider window designs on the market. This versatile design is an excellent choice for upscale residential and light-commercial applications.

The vinyl is available in white, sandstone, and clay on which a number of solid color or wood-grain foils can be laminated.


  • Frame Depth: 3-1/2"

  • Up to 1-1/8" glazing capability for increased energy efficiency and acoustical performance.

  • Nail Fin set back stucco key: 1"

  • Nail Fin set back accessory groove: 1-3/8"

  • Continuous Frame Building multi-lite configurations within one frame provides greater design flexibility and freedom.

  • Reinforced Frame & Sash this allows for our product line to be designed into plans for taller buildings and commercial applications.

  • Ease of use Hardware, we offer the best hardware on the market for commercial application openers for ventilation and cleaning.

Due to continual product R&D these details listed are subject to change at anytime.

NFRC data based on using triple silver LowE coatings.

Window Types Key

FW - Fixed Window no Sash
FS - Fixed Window with Sash
CS - Casement Window
AW - Awning Window

SH - Single Hung Window
SL - Sliding Window
TT - Tilt-Turn Window
HP - Hopper Window

SD - Swing Door
PD - Sliding Patio Door

Santiam Downloads:
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