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Clackamas Series

In-Swing & Out-Swing Doors 

The Clackamas series swing door design offers builders and architects an attractive solution for both residential and commercial markets. 

The Clackamas system incorporates the latest developments and performance enhancements of the European hardware features including the full perimeter multi-point locking system resulting in an incredibly secure and structurally sound door.  We offer the best hardware on the market to ensure ease of use and ruggedness for opening and securing the doors in commercial applications.

The vinyl is available in white, sandstone, and clay on which a myriad of color or wood-grain foils can be laminated. Matching windows (Molalla Series) in tilt-turn, hopper, awning and fixed styles are also available.


  • Frame Depth: 3-1/4"

  • Up to 1-5/8" glazing capability for increased energy efficiency and acoustical performance.

  • Reinforced Frame & Sash this allows for our product line to be designed into plans for taller buildings and commercial applications.

  • Elegant sculpted sash design can be used in many door applications

Due to continual product R&D these details listed are subject to change at anytime.

NFRC data based on using triple silver LowE coatings.

Window Types Key

FW - Fixed Window no Sash
FS - Fixed Window with Sash
CS - Casement Window
AW - Awning Window

SH - Single Hung Window
SL - Sliding Window
TT - Tilt-Turn Window
HP - Hopper Window

SD - Swing Door
PD - Sliding Patio Door

Clackamas Downloads:
Clackamas SD Side Drawing Complete-01.png
405411HD 3D-CORNER CUT.png
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